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Purlingbrook Falls Canyon Lookout Twin Falls at Springbrook Twin Falls track

Locality Info

Koonjewarre is only 40 minutes drive from the Gold Coast and 90 minutes from Brisbane in the heartland of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. Unique flora and fauna attract naturalists from around the world. Visitors relax and enjoy our own walking tracks and lookout or explore those in the National Park.

It’s a bird-watchers mecca. Pademelons (small members of the kangaroo family) abound at dawn and dusk. Imposing cliffs, stunning waterfalls, unparalleled views of the World Heritage Area.

Springbrook National Park entrance is just 300 metres from our front gate. In Springbrook National Park you can picnic, study nature and enjoy a wide range of walks in a beautiful, natural environment. Springbrook Plateau has many lookouts with stunning views. At 900 m above sea level, Springbrook Plateau can be quite cool even in summer. The park covers 2954 hectares and preserves pristine rainforests and eucalypt forests in the cliff-lined headwaters of rivers and creeks that flow to the Gold Coast. Springbrook National Park is a declared World Heritage area.

Springbrook Plateau is part of an ancient extinct shield volcano, centred on Mt. Warning which covered 400 square kilometres over 20 million years ago. It is renowned as part of the best protected shield volcano for its age in the world. The last eruption occurred around 22 million years ago. Springbrook's southern cliffs continue in a great circle into New South Wales marking the rim of that ancient crater. The caldera is most apparent from the "Best of All Lookout", above Koonjewarre.

Walking Tracks on Springbrook Plateau

There are 26 kilometres of walking tracks in close proximity to Koonjewarre, ranging from the short 1km Twin Falls track, to a 4km circuit walk and a 17km extended circuit. Throughout Springbrook, waterfalls, rock pools, and glow worm caves are found in rainforest which displays tall trees, Antarctic Beech forest, ferns, palms, orchids, vines and mosses.

Magnificent cliffs and waterfalls, abundant fauna and bird life, and unparalleled views add to the splendour and tranquility of this area.

Maps and information are available from Koonjewarre staff. We can also arrange visits to other Springbrook attractions such as The Springbrook Research Observatory.

Twin Falls Circuit — 3km return; allow 1.5 to 2 hours Commence this walk from Tallanbana picnic area, just 300 m from our gate. Follow the track in an anti-clockwise direction to take advantage of the interpretive signs which guide the walker through different forest types. Pass behind two waterfalls, through rock clefts and among towering palms and fern trees.

Purlingbrook Falls Circuit — 4km return; allow 2 to 3 hours Walkers pass through open eucalypt forest before descending into the gorge to view the falls from below. A steady climb through forest brings the walker back to the picnic area. Add another 2km for the Waringa Pool track, which leads downstream from the base of the falls.

Warrie Circuit — 17km circuit; allow 5 to 6 hours Commence your journey at Canyon Lookout. The longest and most interesting track on the plateau, the Warrie Circuit follows the base of the Canyon cliffs to Goomoolahra falls before extending into the mossy green depths of the rainforest. The track goes to the Meeting of the Waters where all watercourses draining the canyon join, then climbs up the western edge of the gorge. Take a backpack with food and drink, first aid kit, camera and binoculars for a truly memorable day. Average fitness required.